Boys & Girls Club Youth Football

2014 Football Registration 


Sign up ages are 8 years old as of August 26th (first day of practice) and in the 3rd grade, up through the 5th grade. We no longer allow 6th graders in BGC football as 6th through 8th grade is now a part of the WCS junior high football program.

Parents should use discretion when signing up younger players. Please ensure that your child is mentally and physically prepared for participation in a full contact sport. Be responsible for your child before and after scheduled practice times and games. Please be respectful of the volunteers’ time.
Practices will be held every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday right after school on the Wagner Community School football practice field. Practices will end at 5 o’clock everyday, please ensure that your child is dressed appropriately for the day’s weather. If practice or a game needs to be called off, it will be announced in school and also posted on the Boys & Girls Club of the Missouri River Area Facebook page ( The first day of practice will be Tuesday August 26th.

Equipment handouts will be on Saturday August 23rd at 1pm until 4pm in the Wagner Boys & Girls Club gym. Players will be given one set of shoulder pads, a pair of pants and a helmet with a mouthpiece. Replacement mouthpieces will cost $1. Jerseys will be given out during the 2nd week of practice before the first game.

Games will be on Saturday evenings at 6 and 7:30pm at the Wagner Community School football stadium. We ask that the players be at least a half hour early to the games to allow for stretches and warm-ups. Please ensure that your child is on time and has transportation to and from each game as they are not allowed to loiter on school property. Please see the game schedule for your child’s game times.

Teams are picked by the coaches of the program and are set as evenly as possible to ensure the games are somewhat close. Our main program objective is to teach the basics of football while allowing the kids to have fun. We are not out there for wins and losses, rather to have fun and learn instead.

Most importantly, enjoy watching your child as they learn and develop their football skills and HAVE FUN! Please do not criticize the opposing team, coaches, or fans, by word of mouth or gesture. Volunteers on gameday as well as coaches are always needed and parent involvement is encouraged. If you would like to help out, please don’t hesitate to contact Luke at the club (384-9908)